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Meditations and conversations from my heart to help you live in the dawn of God’s tender kindness flowing into your broken places.

The journey to holiness begins with a Face

November 4, 2019

The spiritual life, prayer, spiritual development, the journey to holiness—whatever terms you use to identify your journey in Christ to the Father—begins not with a method, a practice, a prayer. It begins with a Face, a Voice, that at a certain moment relates to you with stronger, more urgent, more insistent tones. Many years ago I would resolve that I needed to pray extra, or adopt a certain practice, or do special things in order to grow in holiness. What I really needed to do, and eventually learned, is that it's the Voice of the Lord that initiates any movement along the way.

Many times that movement is mysterious. Sometimes it feels like we aren’t moving at all, or are moving backwards. As long as we, like Gabrielle Bossis, keep speaking to Jesus about what is in our heart, the questions we have, the fears, the struggles to be or do what we think the Lord wants of us, we will begin to hear the Voice within us, assuring us that he is leading the way, we simply need to respond.

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